• Harmonized number of Child Helpline in all EU-countries: 116-111

The Child Helpline can be called by any adults who are worried about the mental well-being of a child or young person


We hope this Interactive Guidelines is helpful for you regarding the practical side of implementing Didactics of Emotions in your daily work. Our intention with the EUMOSCHOOL-project was to adapt a methodology and spread it as widely as possible, and thus increasing the reputation of emotional education within the school by showing the positive effects.

So we encourage you to try the techniques, even if at first you might find that it is difficult, or it is not you responsibility. Our experiences show that even a slight change in the daily life of the students in the school can have a huge effect, which might start to generate positive changes, leading to a more healthy mental life, and finally resulting in the reduction of early school leaving. If you are not sure how to implement, seek advice from colleagues and try to find partners with whom you can discuss your experiences. And of course, you can always contact the EUMOSCHOOL-project members!

Good luck!