The Pilot I of the EUMOSCHOOL OER  has started in all the countries. This online course is the second Intellectual Output foreseen in the framework of the project EUMOSCHOOL – Emotional Education for Early School Leaving Prevention.

The Online course involves more than 40 teachers in 5 countries (Italy, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Turkey). The online users of the course will have the opportunity to learn about emotional education as a tool to prevent the early school leaving phenomenon, by implementing the Didactics of Emotions techniques in their school environment.

The course has the following aims:

  • To give teachers an overview on the current situation of school, family & education, about the hardships of the new generations & pragmatic perspectives on use of principles of emotional education;
  • To learn the main theories & more recent studies on the basis of the Didactics of Emotions;
  • To learn the techniques to be used in the classroom with pupils;
  • To learn how to plan & manage interventions of DoE in the classroom.

The learning path planned by the online course is structured in 4 modules. Each module is divided in 5 sections:

  1. Resources: the main theoretical contents;
  2. Tasks: activities related to the contents;
  3. Collaboration: activities aimed at improving the peer learning among teachers;
  4. Self-assessment: activities aimed at stimulating the self-reflection of teachers on their learning path;
  5. Feedback: a questionnaire related to the experience in the module.

All the work of the teachers has been monitoring by one tutor in each country, following carefully their learning path. This is the first version of this output: later next year a new, updated and enriched version will be uploaded, thanks to the continuous feedback given by the teachers during these months.

Finally, after this first training online, teachers will have the chance to participate into the Pilot II, which will put in practice the Didactics of Emotions techniques in each participating country.