Early school leaving and drop-out are complex and multidimensional phenomena, which can be reduced just through a holistic approach, foreseeing preventive intervention with the involvement of students, teachers, families and local stakeholders.

Create a network at local and international level is the key for the success of any possible initiative on the topic.

For this purpose, we organised a multiplier event in the frame of the project EUMOSCHOOL – Emotional Education for Early School Leaving Prevention, held at Istituto Ferrara, on January 30th 2018.

Last scholar year, 45 teachers, 27 schools and more than 700 students in 5 countries have been involved in the experimental phase of the project, foreseeing an online course addressed to teachers about Didactic of Emotions, with theoretical aspects and practical techniques, to be implemented in class.

The meeting had the dual purpose of discuss about the topic of early school leaving and drop-out, from the view of different actors active on the topic, and of presenting the results reached by the project up to day, launching a new phase of implementation.

Particularly, the structure of the online course hosted by the platform MOODLE has been presented in it updated version, thanks to the feedback of the teachers already participated. Moreover, the Interactive Guidelines for the Implementation have been presented.

Finally, two teachers who have participated to the last year implementation had the occasion to offer their testimony, telling about the importance that the training had for them, and the use of the DoE techiques had in their classes, as well as the main challenges met and the benefits obtained by the students.


EUMOSCHOOL wants to prevent early school leaving through the implementation of the Didactic of Emotions© methodology.

The aim is to provide an effective intervention model to reduce the phenomenon of Early School Leaving, through the improvement of the professional competences of teachers and staff working on the field, but especially through the improvement of the wellbeing and transversal & key competences of students.

EUMOSCHOOL- Emotional Education for Early School Leaving Prevention is funded by Erasmus+ programme KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices: Strategic Partnership SCHOOL

Lo scopo è fornire un efficace modello di intervento per ridurre il fenomeno dell’abbandono e della dispersione scolastica, attraverso il miglioramento delle competenze professionali degli insegnanti e di chi lavora nel settore, ma soprattutto attraverso il miglioramento del benessere e delle competenze chiave trasversali degli alunni.

EUMOSCHOOL- Emotional Education for Early School Leaving Prevention è finanziato dal programma Erasmus+, Azione chiave 2 – Cooperazione per l’innovazione e lo scambio di buone pratiche, Partenariati strategici, settore SCUOLA.

The partnership holds together 7 organisations:

If you want to know more, visit eumoschool.eu or contact antonella.alessi@danilodolci.org.