Country Turkey
Date/Duration May 2017 , after two week implementation
Main subject Pre-school teacher in the themes of friendship
Age-range of students  6 years old
Situation/setting of the school Camlica Doga Pre-primary School
Theme/short description + how it is related to DoE  It is connected directly with the expression of the emotions for the pre-school students while teacher implementing the cards of emotion activity.
Description of the case study The teacher prepares for the Card of Emotions activity and presents the cards of feelings to the students. Then she asks students to choose their own feeling from the cards to share with their peers, and the reasons why they feel like that.

One of her students check all the cards but he doesn’t want to choose any of them. When the teacher asks the reason, he explains that none of the cards are reflecting his real emotions. It was strange because this student is the silent and introvert one and he is mostly silent in the activities and he mostly stays away from the group activities. Now he was so eager to take part in this activity and he wanted to find his real emotions to share with his friends. The teacher proposed a solution and asked her student to define his emotion and draw a new card and use this card to share with his friends. He says “he got bored” and he wanted to draw bored face. For the first day, he drew the bored face and shared the reasons with his friends. The second day he was the first to define and share his emotion.

Thanks to DoE techniques, the students can explain why they are feeling what they are feeling, indicating cause. This makes the description even more rational and effective. By the way the students can learn that they do not have to keep expression of emotions just for extreme situations. Apart from this, the students also know that they can express both negative and positive emotions and they should live both and they should know how to lead and manage these feelings. In this case, the teacher’s approach to involve the students in an activity and her small adaptation is very powerful, thus making the students aware of their feelings and more confident to share with others.