Country Italy
Date/Duration March-April-May 2017
Main subject Class
Age-range of students  Aged 16-17 years old
Situation/setting of the school A public school in the city of Palermo
Theme/short description + how it is related to DoE Dynamic group improvement
Description of the case study The literature professor decided to involve pupils in an extracurricular course implementing the DoE technique of Research Laboratory.

Pupils welcomed the professor’s proposal with an initial scepticism toward the experience. Anyway, after a first meeting during which the students appeared still a bit “disoriented” for the innovative method of teaching they were not used to, over the time the professor notes their always greater involvement in the activity.

In the weeks after the beginning of the lab, the professor noted an increased confidence of the pupils towards him and greater openness among pupils between them, in speaking about their problems, worries and discomforts.

The creation of this more serene and relaxed climate during the extracurricular hours was reflected also during the regular school hours. The highest level of confidence between students and between students and teacher, allowed the class  students to live better their normal school activities.

What amazed the professor was such a big and visible change. Pupils during the lessons became more attentive, more motivated, and achieved better school results.