Country Turkey
Date/Duration April 2017, At the beginning of a 70-minute block class period.

Activity took approximately 25 minutes

Main subject Student
Age-range of students  11th grade, aged 16-17 years old
Situation/setting of the school A private school in Istambul Turkey: Acarkent Doga Anadolu Lisesi
Theme/short description + how it is related to DoE  This activity is realized to develop Emotional Competences and empathy of students through identifying the emotions of other students. And so „Guess what I am feeling” activity aimed to increase cooperation within classroom.
Description of the case study


Teacher observes the feelings of her students constantly before this activity. It can be realized after a special event, situation etc. to be more effective. When a student shows a special behavior, this can be a perfect time to make this activity.

The activity was performed because a student was observed to feel tension that day which was slightly different from other days. When the teacher decided to make this activity, students are placed in a semicircle. One of the students is invited to write on a colored paper her feeling of that moment.

All other students are invited to answer the question “what are the feelings of their mate” on a white paper, according to them. After 5 minutes of writing, each student read what they wrote.

The teacher encourages communication about declared, guessed, misrepresented and not understood emotions of students.

This activity was conducted with a group of students who had not previously performed such an activity.

A brief explanation was given to the students before applying the technique.

Students’ questions were answered.

The students asked questions about how to write about their feelings with pictures or illustrations. Teacher answers the questions. Then concentrate, empathize with their friends and write that they think about her feelings in their white papers. After experiencing the event, the emotional state of the student changed rapidly from negative to positive, seeing that her emotions were very well expressed by her friends. It could be seen that the student was indeed very happy. Other students insisted on having this activity be done for themselves.

The teacher told the students that it is possible later.

The teacher really could not have predicted that students would be so interested before the event started. She did not think that she would hear students giving these comments, mentioning how  careful she was with them and that she was interested in every aspect of them.

After that she would like to mention that she will take more care to do other activities of DOE as well.